Sunday, October 23, 2011

How fitting

“Human tragedies: We all want to be extraordinary and we all just want to fit in.
Unfortunately, extraordinary people rarely fit in.” ― Sebastyne Young
Being a sheltered only child isn't something I'd wish on anyone...seriously! I must say that the greatest and in my opinion, the only perk is all the love (aka, 'protection')...BOOOOOO, I'm a sap, but it really is true. I grew up not knowing how to do anything other than what I was taught, creatively. Art grew to be my main passion whether it be through music, fashion, writing, or photography. All in all expressing myself through any art form is extremely therapeutic for me and it helps to keep me focused on the goal. I have finally come to that point in my life where I realized that it's basically now or never...I'm ready.

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